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Wild and fun loving. A bit shy at first but comes on strong like a hurricane.
Strong willed & determined.Very caring and loving. Jazlynes have very Beautiful eyes and perfect hair with a smile that will light up a room.They can master any sport try. Likes to joke around but not at their expense. Great motherly instincts but plays rough like a father. Not only do they care about people but also loves animals too.Can be very opinionated but will listen also.
That is so Jazlyne!I wish i could Jazlyne this sport.You have Jazlyne eyes!!
by njbowhunter73 October 03, 2013
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Jazlyne is a determined person. Always have goals and meet them accordingly. She is a loving person and cares about other. She might be self centered at times but will self check herself and put others before her.
Be like a Jazlyne!
by VerveryveryAnonymous July 04, 2018
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