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A smart secretive girl who's humor is quite different then most and the mind holds so many meanings to the simples things..Highly intelligent and is loyal to those she loves and holds trust from them as well..she's very outgoing and loves to try new things..always dancing and being dramatic..she can be petty and usually gets her way..can have days where she doesn't give a fuck but deep down she still cares..
Jayy is very secretive
by JayVon September 30, 2015
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An amazing guy, loves to party and have fun, has a incredibly sexy body, loves sex, money, and girls. He has the cure for jungle fever. its his cock. he will make you beg for more.
Jayy had me screaming all night
by MsSexualDesire July 27, 2011
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Jayy - A lazy piece of shit - procrastinates with everything. Never gets anything done and tends to shitpost and sleep their feelings away, and they almost always sound like they're high if you talk to them.
They're an insomniac, and get one hour or at least thirty minutes of sleep at night.
Sells drugs.
"Jayy, my drug dealer, ..."
by Drug-dealer Jayy October 12, 2016
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A real woman go getter and a very good athelete and savage like person that a girl will always come back to.
Its nice to Wanna be a Jayy.
by yung zariya 7 April 02, 2018
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