An amazing man, who is handsome and smart but fun and stubborn. A guy you can love with every beat in your heart, and who can be there to love you back. A man that you can't help but give him the world just because you love to see that accomplished and happy look in his eyes.
by YoursTruelyL August 11, 2011
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He is a jack ass sometimes but he is sweet, handsome, weird and NOT a people person. When u first meet him wont be to sure about him... but you will be glad he is a part of your life. He is a wonderful boyfriend and BESTFRIEND!!!!!!!
Hey, have you met JAYMZ?
No, why? who is it?
Well, only the most awesome dude you will ever meet. he is sweet and funny. He is an awesome friend to have.
by randabearDELACRUZ December 18, 2018
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Thicc king of food who loves to eat capable of eating a entire loaf of bread in a day
"Who ate all the food? " "it was jaymz. "
by PotatoNugett May 11, 2019
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