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A handsome, smart, rambunctious man with the stamina of a 1000 horses. You wish you were Jayesh, you wish he was your boyfriend, and you wish you wore the same cologne as him. But wait - you can't afford it. You see his bougie shirts, pants, blazers, and Patagonias, and you think he has the life. But then he says hi to you - and your world's upside down. Suddenly all you can see is that luscious set of hair, those beautiful eyes, and the way he makes you tingle with his dreamy smile. You're swooning just reading this, aren't you?
Ugh, I wish my boyfriend was a Jayesh </3
by Justacontributor July 28, 2017
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The best person in the world he's crazy but sexy af, he is muscular and is perfect for any girls with his amazing smile sexy muscles. Lasts long in bed with a big dick. Everyone likes him He is Just soooo JAYESH. He is perfect for a girl born on May and whose name starts with "j".
Jayesh is sexy
by UnkownIndianGirl2003 December 20, 2017
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Jayesh is person of a little rude nature he may be kind to others but not to the loved ones he loves everyone but can't express his feelings to a particular person.He is a person who is very good at sport and studies and also popular .Always gets irritated to small things ...but is of a very pure at heart
Each one needs a Jayesh in their lives
by Ashjg May 02, 2018
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Jayesh is a meanie. He is not good in bed and finishes in about 2 minutes. He has a very tiny penis and is also a virgin. He will say he's not but the truth is he fucks his teddy at night. He also picks up his nose and eat it as dinner. He also likes to eat pussy but he never gets one!
Oh fuck , here comes Jayesh
by Rockstarr69 February 28, 2017
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Some loser from Watford - thinks he's hard but is nothing but a chav.
Vivek: Yo Jayesh, what up?

Jayesh: Nothin' innit like just gettin me some mcdonalds with my burberry cap on and that - you like my new blingin' chain?

Vivek: What a loser.
by uh what?! April 29, 2005
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