A beautiful girl someone you can never lose in your life. An amazing friend and an amazing person never take her for granted. Most Jaydee’s are short but come with one big attitude so you never want to step on her toes. Sometimes she is slow to realize things but hang in there she’ll realize what best. She makes an amazing girlfriend someone you’ll never want to lose so never try and push your luck with her because she’s has the beauty to be with any guy. If you date a Jaydee feel special because you’re a lucky guy never let go of her or try and move on it’ll never happen she’ll always be on your mind. She has the prettiest smile and the cutest face. She may come with a attitude but she will always make you happy and make you feel special. She has a wonderful body but never wants to be just committed on because of her body so make her feel special if you want to be more than friends with her. Do everything to make her feel special because she is in you life because you’ll never find another person that makes you feel more happy than Jaydee does.
Man I can’t get Jaydee of my mind I don’t know what to do.

I told you not to talk to her now you’ll always have her on your mind no matter how old you are she’ll always be on your mind.
by Someone cares about November 28, 2018
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A magnificent girl who is a true friend to all and is a truly beautiful sight to look at , a sport player and a classy lady at times .. she’s an amazing person and is beloved by many . If a Jaydee reads this , your awesome !
Jaydee is looking like a meal today ..

Did you see jaydee ? She’s looking like a snack !!
by scared boy 💔 April 13, 2018
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Someone who will get upset about anything that comes its way it can not go 5 minutes without harassing or complaining at another person it will cry to get attention
Someone is being a jaydee in classtoday
by Jaydee smith March 17, 2022
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To be called Jaydee is a huge compliment with no specific implication.
'Jaydee, whats the time?'
Translation: You rule so much, whats the time
by theoneandonly December 9, 2004
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To be a Jaydee is to be reallie reallie coooll nd pimpp :) ahahaa.. if yhure called Jaydee yhure coooll =D ahahass..
if someone says "Yo wuddup Jaydee" its like "hii pimpp :)" HAHAHAA.. nammer viieett pridee nigggarrrr :D
by Jaydee February 23, 2005
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noun - a man who lives life to the fullest with disregard of work or school responsibilities.

verb - to delay or purposely procrastinate something so that life can be lived.
Dude, there were too many concerts going on, so I had to jaydee that test. I'm just trying to be a jaydee in life.
by The Impossible Kid February 13, 2008
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There is no such thing as a dirty jaydee she's pure as the driven s ow almost angelic
by Frodonointy July 6, 2021
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