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A magnificent girl who is a true friend to all and is a truly beautiful sight to look at , a sport player and a classy lady at times .. sheโ€™s an amazing person and is beloved by many . If a Jaydee reads this , your awesome !
Jaydee is looking like a meal today ..

Did you see jaydee ? Sheโ€™s looking like a snack !!
by scared boy ๐Ÿ’” May 26, 2018
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James Dewitt Yancey aka Jay Dee or J Dilla. One of the worlds best producers/mcs. Jay Dee is an underground hip hop artist. He is know for a unique, soulful style. His work includes productions with Busta Rhymes, Erica Badu, Ghost Face Killa, Common, De La Soul, and many more famous artists. He also has individual productions such as Dounuts, The Shining, and Ruff Draft. (February 7, 1974โ€“February 10, 2006)
If you like underground rap check out Jay Dee aka J Dilla
by jag240 May 06, 2007
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A man with with a big penis, he is a man with respect, and a sex machine, normally there are bitches trying to suck his dick and talking about how sexy he is, also doesn't give a fuck about school and he is established as a 'God' in everything he does
Teacher: Have you done your home work Jay Dee?
Jay Dee: I am Jay Dee miss what do you think I have done? I am a Godly Beast
by AlphaGod June 23, 2016
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noun - a man who lives life to the fullest with disregard of work or school responsibilities.

verb - to delay or purposely procrastinate something so that life can be lived.
Dude, there were too many concerts going on, so I had to jaydee that test. I'm just trying to be a jaydee in life.
by The Impossible Kid February 13, 2008
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To be called Jaydee is a huge compliment with no specific implication.
'Jaydee, whats the time?'
Translation: You rule so much, whats the time
by theoneandonly December 09, 2004
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To be a Jaydee is to be reallie reallie coooll nd pimpp :) ahahaa.. if yhure called Jaydee yhure coooll =D ahahass..
if someone says "Yo wuddup Jaydee" its like "hii pimpp :)" HAHAHAA.. nammer viieett pridee nigggarrrr :D
by Jaydee February 22, 2005
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