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Jayci is super athletic!! She will take on any challenge and probably win.. She is very funny and incredibly talented! She is very pretty with a sparkle in her eyes ! Loyal and happy but can be evil if she doesn't get her way!! If you are lucky enough to meet a super star Jayci ...don't let her go!!!
I met a girl named Jayci and she is a rockstar!!!
by Markeymark11111 February 08, 2014
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Perfection. No other word is worthy enough to explain her. Though funny enough to make you Cry, she is more than enough to make you want her. She can be whatever you want. Athletic, smart, weird, proper, loud, quiet, the list can go on and on. But the one quality guaranteed is how beautiful she is. You cant go wrong with a Jayci. If you find a Jayci hold her tight and don't let go.
Jayci, the only one you will ever need.
by Camo_w.parzival August 12, 2018
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the greatest hottest most awesome chick ever!! her cs skills are off the heazy!! there is no one that compares to jayci!
i want to bang jayci.
by hotter November 12, 2004
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Jayci is a super beautiful thicc hoe. Jayci is very smart but can be a baddie. Don’t be fooled by her.
Damn i saw jayci the other day and she was doing her homework then she was twerkin up a storm
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by heyyycharlayyyy July 13, 2018
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Jayci is a tall person. She is always there to listen when you need someone to listen. She’s a classic. She’s the new P-Y-T, stands for paid, young, and taking on the world from the drivers seat. She is a cheddar orangutan- great at parties. Jayci’s slide into Encyclopedias scandalously. She’ll always tell you if you have a snot-tot. All around a great gal
Jayci, stop breaking things with your butt!
by Paigingle September 18, 2018
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