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Jay county high school is a school where hicks and potheads get nicced up in the chapel. The chapel is a very important part of jay county high school, retard is a commonly used word. We have an anime teacher names mr. Livingston and he is a prick. Connor teeter is apart of a group and he thinks he is a hard ass, he is actually a fucking capper
Boy 1: Do you want to go to jay county high school?
Boy 2: yeah Iโ€™ve seen you around
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by Shciciahw September 23, 2019
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A School located in Jay County Indiana(Known as Jaytucky to the natives). Over half the students vape and the corporation does not know what to do. We are very broke because they give the Administrators a raise instead of spending it on good shit. We also have a very high amount of Yee Yee students who have an obsession with their trucks, their sister, and anything that has Trump 2020 on it. We only have 5 teachers who are decent out of around 75.

Basically, there are better schools to succeed in rather than this shithole.

Also do not talk shit about our football team to football team members, they will fuck you up, even though our team BARELY won once.
Ayyy what school do you go to?
Uh Jay County High School.
Oh shit their football team sucks ass I'm sorry bro.
by Warren Lunarfox November 20, 2019
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A schools full of druggies and hoes. We have like 4 good teachers out of 100. Full of soundcloud rappers who arent going anywhere but there moms basement. Big yeeyee trucks everywhere and country boiiiiisssss. Everyone gets nicced up in the bathrooms. the schools going into debt because we dont know what to spend money on.
by sadyeesinthechatbois October 11, 2019
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Jay County is a school where kids at lunch will say ยจI will eat your ass" very loudly.
Person 1: wow you chose a bad car it sucks
adam : shut up ill eat your ass
anime teacher Mr. Livingston: come with me
our table: HASHTAG FREE ร„DAM FOR DEM GAYS ....welp thats jay county high school
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by imyourdadthatranaway October 10, 2019
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