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Jaslene is the best person you'll ever meet.why?because...
- she will always have your back
-cheer you up
- she's funny
-beautiful and encouraging

So if you have a jaslene like this in your life you are a very lucky person
Jaslene is a very bright girl.
by Rololover 16 April 22, 2019
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Jaslene is beautiful kind and loving person. She is amazing to be around and kind to others. At first she is shy then when you get to know her she's amazing. She likes to have fun and chill whenever there's an opportunity. Overall she is a fantastic person and will never not have friends. She doesn't like roller coasters but that doesn't mean she's not likable. Shes a caramel apple eater.
Jaslene is beautiful and kind. Jaslene likes to chill.
by Turdner November 11, 2016
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Jaslene is shy and beautiful. But when u get to know her she is AWESOME! She has a lot of friends and she is the most and only rare person
And if you find a Jaslene you have to be friends with her and you’ll be lucky
by Knowable September 27, 2018
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Jaslene is shy but once you get to know her. She is Funny and love rollercoasters. Jaslene did a lot of sports. She has the bestest friends in the world and never not have friends.Also give her friends funny nicknames like Oreo. She’s beautiful and cute. And be an amazing actor
You would definitely want to be friends with Jaslene
by Jim Andean May 15, 2018
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