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Jasleen is the craziest person alive! From the outside she is a very bad girl who always gets in trouble but from the inside she's a loyal loving and caregiving friend who will always have your side and support you! She's always up to mischief and ready to do anything she is a bravehearted girl who deserves loving people in her life she is the sexy bomb who never gives a fuck and if you ever see her you will fall in love right that second! It's just impossible to hate her because of her attitude and how funny is.
That beautiful girl who just got in shit is a total Jasleen
by Fruitsaregross April 09, 2015
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The sexiest, most beautiful girl in the world. If she is in your life she will rock your world. She so sweet, lovable, and caring. Don't ever lose her if you have her in your life. Give her a lot of love she deserves it because she is the best.
Jasleen is so wonderful. I love Jasleen so much. Jasleen is my jaan.
by Her Jannu April 08, 2009
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guddi shara ra ra girl.

always looking for stupid babies and heart shape websites.
ohhhh hi Bejan! Thie is Tanya from splash lets!
by juniors team February 16, 2005
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a hairy muda asshole who eat mcdonalds all day kanye west fast eater slow runner
its jasleen earthquacke
by deeznutz123454 April 22, 2016
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What can I say? Have you ever met a thot like J dawg, a bag of man tells me she is THE UCK QUEEN, she is also a fan of moqsud_miah and completely adores him. She will fuck it up for a check, she is a respected corner worker and her motto is "spitters are quiters"
by JasIsGay(aka uck queen) June 11, 2018
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