verb: to penetrate the vaginal canal, destroy the uterus and your reputation, with use of a human fist. Possibly two.

If there is someone you know who has been Jarbed, recommend them to a psychologist and an insane asylum right away. You do not want to be around someone who has been Jarbed.
Fuck the painkillers, children just walk out of my vagina. No dialation needed.
Why is that?
Totally got Jarbed hardcore when I was 15.
by FieryRed1111111 May 9, 2013
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THe PrOcess Of bEiNg beyond Garbage

Or You have no meaning to live since ur bad at everything😂
Nigga I got 1 kill
It’s because your Jarbs”
by NotJayGuapo August 17, 2018
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It is the techinal term for the grey area between being friends and dating
i.e. I am jarbing Michael... I think we'll be dating soon.

I don't have to get him a Christmas present, we're just jarbing
by Nickim December 21, 2004
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A phrase meaning "the utmost in greatness". Similar to "bees knees". Often referring to a incident or spectacle that includes a large amount of bravery or courage.
"Did you see that? That was the jarbs balls!"
by Pudding Cloud September 12, 2011
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