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While functional, a jankbox is a four wheel vehicle, most typically a truck (but not exclusively), which appears to be on its last axle, contains multiple vehicle parts that are not original to the whip, and sports a mix-matched paint scheme.

Origin: the origin of "jankbox" is to words what jankbox is to vehicles. Jankbox is a compound word with (i) jank being derived from janky, a combination of the English words skanky and junky that describes an item of inferior quality, and (ii) box being derived from the English word "box" and slang for vehicle.
Check out that jankbox behind me- I don't think it's going to make it to Chicago.

I have 6 jankboxes hidden from my wife in the barn for hauling equipment.

I may have a jankbox, but at least I have a car.
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a seemingly disinteligent person who never misses a chance to prove their lack of smarts; might have been janked from birth.
"sometimes I itch my nuts and then sniff my hands..."

"What a jankbox!"

"Hi pretty lady, my name is Ben. wanna see me do the sackwag?"

"Jankbox strikes again!"
by Austin Schertz February 05, 2009
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