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Jania is a amazing funny EXTRA person she is beautiful and stunning and is very unpredictable most of the times. Once you got a Jania in ur life never EVER let her go because that would be the biggest mistake of ur life because she is the best supporter in rough times. She is also the best friend u can have even through ups and downs and always has ur back . Jania is a very unique person and is very unpredictable due to you not knowing what she is going to do Ever. She also doesn’t care about what people say because there a waste of time. Once u have a Jania keep her she is a funny one
Jania is unpredictable amazing beautiful and amazing supporter
by Queen_Real January 30, 2018
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did u c that jania? OMG
by memeyjania July 25, 2018
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the most amazing person on the earth. She is stunning and funny. People talk about her in a great way and never disrespect her. Boys want her because she she sexy,nice,amusing,funny,and down the earth.
Yoo Jania is bhaadd
yoo you seen Jania today, i love her
by realnigga0 December 25, 2012
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