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Janene's are usually sweet quiet girls that tend only to get mad when their territory is disrupted by drama. Always puts family first before herself. Not ugly, not plain just some where in between. Great problem solvers. Health care providers and make great mothers and wives
Janene only gets mad when you mess with her kids other then that shes a sweet heart.
by trickster29 February 03, 2010
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A beautiful girl, who well is a porcupine. These creatures are especially unique, because the name is usually spelled "Janine". This girl is always funky and fresh and likes to put on her best. She doesn't get too close to people because she is a porcupine and they tend to burst people's bubbles. However she did find two good friends one that is related to god and the other is a bird. Janene is a good friend and has a big heart. Shes a good person.
Yo is Janene from France? CUZ MaDAMNNNNNN

OW she hurt me, what a JANENE.

I love Janene
by One in a Janene Moon October 03, 2013
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a person who is really funny, pretty, gets triggered easily, and talks too much
Have you heard of Janene I wish she was my friend.
by urrrrmooommm February 26, 2019
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