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Janaya is a beautiful young lady who is strong minded and does not care what anyone thinks or says about her. She has class and intelligence, and always smiles. Janaya can brighten any room. Janaya is independent and loves food.
Janaya loves haters
by honeybadger January 21, 2015
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a beautiful loving girl with high hopes and big dreams. she can be moody at times but snapes out of it quick. she is the kind of person you would want to spend the whole day with
girl1: that girl is so wonderful
girl2: no shes a janaya
what a janaya
by EJMAYNLAIYA June 25, 2011
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A beautiful, smart, strong-minded girl that is everything once you meet her. Even at her lowest time she is still popping and at your lowest time she brightens your day in a way no one could ever do. She is the sweetest person you'll ever know and the smartest too. She thinks about everyone in a selfless way.
Janaya is beautiful I hope I find my Janaya soon.
by tyn naay πŸ’° ' February 28, 2018
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Janaya Is the best person you could ever ask for. She makes a whole bunch of puns which are just extremely Punny. She will make you happy. She teases you about your crush a lot. like A LOT but she cares. She will stand up for you when you are down. She will pick you up. Even though I haven't been with her for a while she completely made me happy. You are very lucky if you meet her. She will make you happy just don't hurt her in anyway others wise you will regret hurting her. She is a fun person to be around. SO GO OUT THERE AND FIND YOUR SELF A JANAYA
Janaya Is a shortiee
via giphy
by Reydanii May 16, 2018
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A beautiful smart minded girl who gets mad only when someone really is annoying Janaya is cool fun to be around and everyone loves her the minute they meet her he r bestfriend loves her and wil feel very hurt if something was to very happen.Janaya is wonderful and everyone loves Janaya.Her and her sexy self. Janaya is lovable and when she find the right one they will be in love forever and ever
Wow do you see Josia and Janaya they will be together forever.

Janaya is so sexy everyone loves her .
Janaya and her bestfriend are bestfriend goals.
Man I wish I was Janaya
Janaya is sooo cool I wish I was her friend
by Jerry sue May 21, 2018
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she's the kinda girl who likes to chill. think, "sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no make up, that's when youre the prettiest i hope that you don't take it wrong." she's reallll classy but the kinda girl who talks about all her friends and then goes back and acts like she ain't know anything about it!
scene:ja'naya... sweatpants & a going out shirt with a guy she stole from another girl. just chillin with her sloppy secondssss
by girlwhospeaksdatruth April 08, 2011
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