Not an insurrection or a rebellion. Just a riot that got out of f*ing control.
Jan 6th is only a collection of mentally ill and socially unstable people who, after misunderstanding and misinterpreting what Trump said, started an act of civil disobedience that went out of f* ing control.

For a better understanding of what an insurrection or a rebellion is look up section 3 of the 14th Amendment
by Sexydimma January 4, 2022
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A day where disguised trump supporters decided to raid the capitol to make actual trump supporters look bad.
Person 1: Trump supporters raided the capitol!! how could they do this!!

Person 2: They weren't actual trump supporters, many of them were liberals and antifa on jan 6th 2021.

Person 1: No!! they were trump supporters!! CNN said so!!!
by Supreme Boss January 16, 2021
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