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A Jamya is a good friend who no matter what pulls thru for you. She's usually good looking with a nice body, a bit feisty, and fun but you can still see her being a mom on day. She would rather have a few close friends than many "friends" who don't mean much.
Hey do you know who that girl is over there? She's super nice, she's a total Jamya. And that booty though!
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by had a great mom December 01, 2015
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A very thick and beautiful girl who sometimes has confidence in herself but is easy to give up and always has a smile on her face never holds a grudge and she is easy to make other people happy
That girl Jamya brightens up this place
by Jlgosh December 21, 2016
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Very smart and intelligent beyond her age! Simply a true Einstein! She has beautiful eyes and very long hair. She also reads people very well. Very nice and loves to sing.
by steinerline November 29, 2014
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Jamya is a confident person she is loyal sometimes is way to nice and loves to do hair she is thick and she hella tall her attitude my fool you but she is a beast always make sure her friends are good she is the type to whole a grudge tbh(not really a fighter)
Who is that girl over there she is supper nice and tall she reminds me of a jamya
by Weahugsvujc July 14, 2018
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A very weird person that will always make you laugh and knows how to do a split on the dick.she gives the best sex exspescially when shes on top and is most likely to Be the loyalist type of gurl
Jamya was acting weird when we was fucking
by The ragatang June 15, 2018
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