A funk/acid jazz band with the lead singer Jay Kay (big hat guy) with several hits including Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Virtual Insanity (with it's award winning video), Little L, When You Gonna Learn, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground and several more. Albums include Emergency On Planet Earth; Return Of The Space Cowboy, Travelling Without Moving, Synkronized, A Funk Odyssey and Dynamite
"Hey have you heard Jamiroquai's latest hit?"
"Yeah, and it feels just like it should!"
by Synk July 2, 2005
One of the best bands in the 90's.

Many people call themselves "fans", when they've only heard and seen the music videos for "Virtual Insanity" and "Canned Heat". These people believe that Jamiroquai is just one person, when it is actually a band.

Jamiroquai is known for the unique sound that makes it sound so different from other music. The lyrics in most, if not all, of their songs can either be unique or just plain catchy. Even though many fans criticize Jamiroquai's new sound (i.e. A Funk Odyssey, Dynamite), it, IMO, is still unique. I find Jamiroquai's old sound (Acid Jazz, Disco, Funk) and their new sound (Pop, Rock, Electronic) both great. However, IMO, their former years was the better of the two.

A few of Jamiroquai's songs seem to focus around the use of drugs, while others have a message or tell a story. A few of Jamiroquai's songs have the tendency to grow on a person. An example was me when I first heard "Black Capricorn Day". I used to hate it, but eventually, I heard it several more times and now I love it. They also seem to recycle elements from Live songs and tweak 'em around until they have a perfect song.

They were also known for the use of a, rather, underrated instrument called the yidaki (or didgeridoo). It was played by a former member named Wallis Buchanan.

Jamiroquai also used to have an awesome bassist named Stuart Zender. Songs to check with his awesome b-lines:

All of the 1st three albums because they rock.

Jamiroquai is also better Live. Many of Jamiroquai's songs sound much better Live than they are on the album, IMO. Jason Kay is also known for his humorous comments and his sense of humor. Jamiroquai also performs awesome covers of songs like Tighten Up, Don't Stop the Feeling, Our Time is Coming, Miss You, etc. IMO, these covers sound way better than the original songs themselves.
Space Cowboy is the perfect song to play when the legalization of cannabis comes.

Guy A: You heard of Jamiroquai?

Guy B: Uhh... yeah! Isn't he that guy who played that one song on Napoleon Dynamite?

Guy A: Jamiroquai's a band! And the song is "Canned Heat", you ignorant fool!
by General Jelly Jiggler August 10, 2007
n. The greatest band on the face of the Earth.

adj. Something that is so cool, it can barely be described.
A: Did you hear that new Jamiroquai album?
B: Psh. Yeah! Awesome as always!

Oh my god, that party last night was so... so.. Jamiroquai!
by Jay Kay Rox September 14, 2008
Oh man, things have been so Jamiroquai around the office lately.
by Falcon Puncher August 18, 2008
A acid-jazz band with the lead singer as Jay Kay. They have released famous songs like ‘Cloud Nine’ and ‘Cosmic Girl.’
-Wow, Jamiroquai is an amazing band!
-Yeah, I heard that they’re performing live on TV tonight.
by iiJoy December 9, 2017
A tall skinny colored man with an afro who sings pop soul disco funk
I've never seen the original jamiroquai , apparently he was replaced by a white man with bad teeth from britain. But you can still find his silhouette on each of the jamiroquail album covers.
by wayne , jhon wayne May 21, 2011