The delightful, and often dangerous, event when a young adult combines LSD, commonly known as Acid, with sexual activity of any kind, most commonly, good ol' fashioned sex. This applies especially when the hip youngster is losing his virginity or doing any kind of sexual activity for the first time.
"Ask me what I'm doing this weekend."
"I'm Jamie-Flipping."
"What's that?"
"Acid and Sex."
"No way."
"Could almost Meaty."
by gleasmeister February 18, 2010
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Jami is a name for someone who is usually not very funny. If someone is named Jami it means they make jokes that are so bad that you want to kys. Also, Jamis usually have no life and claim that they have good athleticism (such as jumping really high)
John makes jokes that are almost as bad as someone who would be called Jami
by Beany One October 6, 2018
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jami is the most athletic person you will ever know. He is also goid in bed with his stellar dig. He is truly one of a kind.He is also the best perosn you will ever meet. and did i forget his dick is truly big;)
Girl: is that jami?

Girl: yea i heard is dig is big i wanna slob over it.
by Tfhhsfsg November 22, 2021
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It's a name that you might shout while enjoying yourself. If you hear someone else yelling "Jami, Jami" it means that they're really enjoying themselves. Jami is an Finnish folklore character, handsome fellow who likes to spend winter in Lapland. He is a Finnish folklore sex god for real. Hopefully you'll find your "Jami"!
"Oh Jami, I'm so happy" "Jami is here so all is good".
by one that thinks Jami is nami November 21, 2021
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