1. A fake gamer, or someone who isn’t knowledgeable about video games or the industry.

2. Sheep gamers who fall for triple A corporations marketing and bad practices because it looks like, “the cool thing”.

3. Someone bad at video games.
She is such a Jamer just playing fortnite for the views. She doesn’t know anything about games.

He fell for Activision’s Destiny scam the second time!! What a Jamer!

Dude! Stop camping! Fight on the flag so we can win and quit being a Jamer!
by Ripley555 November 22, 2018
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A fat loser that is pretty bad at fortnite but thinks he's good because he plays PC even though a mobile player can easily beat him
Person 1: Oh look, A Jamer
by Aron, The Great February 05, 2019
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A boy who is very smart and cool he is popular in his school he is fast he plays football. Mutiple girls like him and he is a athletic person. He also cares about people. He is a beast in football
I want to visit Jamere.
by JaydaAssassian March 11, 2016
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A mythical god known for riding a giant furry beast. This god has been known for cross dressing and having intercourse with fish.
Woooaaahh look at jamers pile driving that fish!
by NEB tothe MAX November 26, 2008
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A person who cant find their dick and stick it in a girl that definately wants on
"poor old jamers"
by Jack Kelmer March 29, 2004
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a wickedly fun dancing style used to describe people who like to get down and freaky.

Alternative defintions could include shaking and shivering all over with excitement as in after drinking a five hour energy, and/or talking with food in your mouth.
After hearing the song "Pants on the ground" I was left with no choice but to jamerate profusely.

While washing my hair with silky stallion shampoo, I jamerated with excitement.
by JAMERATING January 22, 2010
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one member of the superhero group Team Gay. Princess Jamers consumes large amounts of Jamesons Whiskey. She has the power to Shhh people.
1) Princess Jamers that man is out of control. P.J: SHHHH!
2) Look a full bottle of whiskey, This looks like a job for Princess Jamers
by Mark Dahl July 30, 2006
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