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Jamario is very handsome , confident , and is successful at achieving goals. Jamario likes a little challenge and loves family, mommas boy maybe. Jamario is also funny and has the best smile you'll ever see. Jamario can be difficult at times but his action speak louder than his words.
Be more like Jamario.
by YoursTruelyJ.T June 16, 2016
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fun,outgoing likes girls with big butts and likes to go to parties.thinks he is a thug and dresses like on but in the inside he is very kind and loving. Usally is a black boy
"why is he staring at her butt he is definetly a jamario
by Lexi.xoxo_ October 14, 2014
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A guy who is hard working with a mind that always think. It’s hard for him to get things he want because he knows he have to work for it. Strong, sweet and a cute passionate guy who isn’t afraid to try new things . You never will regret earning his loyalty.
You should be more like Jamario we know he’s not going anywhere.
by Kate~Kate March 28, 2018
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