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One of the best daily automotive blogs on the internet. Because Jalopnik is updated daily by a competent and Knowledgeable staff, the stories are current, entertaining, and insightful, unlike the more mainstream and sterilized print media. Jalopnik is also the unofficial official provider of coverage of the 24 Hours of LeMons.
Person 1 : "Did you see that scoop in this month's Motor Trend?"

Loyal Jalopnik reader: "Oh, I read that about 2 months ago on Jalopnik. Graverobber got another COTD with that. I kinda miss POLAR"
by 31ZG January 09, 2009
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A giant clusterfuck of ego-massaging auto-geeks who love nothing more than to outdo each others levels of redundant knowledge about so called 'classic' cars that are invariably “better than anything produced in the last 10 years”. Comments below any post will always include:
- No one can go more than 2 comments without adding 'FTW!'
- Jalopnik does a Comment of the Day, causing regular 'COTD’ / 'COTD FTW!' back-slapping
-Reference at least once to: 'shooting brake', followed by a lot of inside-joke visual puns and regulars saying how ugly the Merc CLS concept / Crosstour is /how they’d "sell my e-type for proper stick-shift Euro-wagons in the US, FTW!"
- BMW spy shots are regular site posts, commenter’s then instantly and unequivocally state how mundane new BMW's are (even tho they all drive a plain 3 in real life, not an early Celica import as they frequently claim) followed by a brief wank over first gen M-coupe, etc.
- 'LeMons' banger races are an open air group fuck for these people as they drool over engine swaps between obscure cars that no one cares about.
- At least once per week someone will comment "Darth, your ride is here" whilst abusing some wealthy athlete who has just 'murdered-out' their exotic.
- Users constantly express respect for Hoonage whilst they themselves never break a speed limit.
- Manual trans FTW.Euro-spec FTW.JDM FTW.Top Gear FTW.
Superleggera_matt_grey_Eyjafjjoell__Euro_Volcano_Edition: New 2011 Ford Fiesta FTW in the US! If only it had a 2.0 blown Diesel and the same seat fabric as the Euro version, because they changed that you know.

Life_gives-me_LeMons_so_Isqueezemy-ElCamino: Rubs eyes. No way, for that money I would buy a new crate big-block for my '82 Toyota Starlet. Hoonage.

Team_Jezza_Jalopnik: US fiesta has 2hp less than the Euro version, what gives? Engine swap with my M-coupe FTW!
by camboreturns April 26, 2010
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