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Jala is one of the easiest going friends. She is always there when you need her, and she’s a true guider. If you ever come in contact with Jala ask her what she’s listening too bc her tunes are fyee. She is a best friend, and a sweet one at that.
Jala you are the sweetest!
Jala is hotter than a jalapeño.
by Naturerules July 27, 2018
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Jala is a tall, thin and gorgeous goddess. She is kind, caring, smart, and beautiful. She has thick black hair and big brown eyes. When she walks into a room, people stop and stare, and her smile will capture millions of hearts. She is free spirited and fun to be around. She's understanding and she won't judge you.
If your feeling down, just call Jala. She'll cheer you up!!
by Shdffr June 16, 2013
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Jala is one of the most smartest, beautiful and interesting girls you could ever meet. She is a true friend, and when you tell her a secret, she will take it to the grave with her. She is often very thin, but the thick ones aren't any different. They are also very strong. Jala's are relatively the best twerkers and are the life of parties. Although she is fun and likes to party, she also has a great head on her shoulders and is very intelligent.
Guy #1: "I wanna girl who's gonna be fun at this party."
Guy# 2: "I know this gorgeous girl named Jala. Shawty is a baddie."
Guy#1: "oouuu is she gone be freaky with me too."

Guy#2: "oh no. She's not like that she's fun, likes to dance, and have fun, but she is very intelligent. She knows how to take care of herself. Plus she has her priorities straight.

intelligent fun loyal strong gorgeous
by Llllaaajushsnsjjs March 14, 2017
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A short, beautiful girl. The nicest, most loving girl you could ever meet. The kind of beauty that makes your had skip 3 beats. Light-skinned, but not that light. She has brown eyes and naturally curly hair. Very romantic and shy sometimes. Basically, if it was possible to be perfect, she would be perfect.
Jala is could be perfect if it was possible.
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by Rocky the Fox May 04, 2018
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