SEXY. zld;iktbeksujrhntuijmoytopu Usually leaves girls speechless. Seriously. No words describe the sexyness of this hot motha trucka... DO ME
Look at that face....he is sucha jakson. DO ME.
by Chissah May 23, 2010
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A word taken from the name of the earth mammal the donkey A.K.A the Jack-ass. This name is one used to make fun of a red headed fuck-tard who thinks he knows everything. If you ever come in contact with a Jakson do not try to capture, call the cops. If a Jakson ever gets to close then scream out fire crotch over and over again until it cries and waits for its mommy.
Dude....Look....there is a Jakson...

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Literally amazing hot amazing better than every one and has a brother who is named Andrew
Wow look at that hot Jakson in its natural habitat
by Hellothwre May 10, 2020
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A little annoying,douche who will probably blame the fire he lit in nursing home on the lighter
Lawyer "it wassnt him he said"
*Jakson gets on witness stand*
"It was the lighter your honour I swear!"
by Steve the hawking October 11, 2019
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The wrong way to spell Michael Jackson, a legendary artist who broke all music records, including the ones from the Beatles and Elvis Presley.
Michael Jakson doesn't exist : Michael JACKSON does.
by justapseudonym February 12, 2012
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Pure definition of ‘WHIPPED’ and does not interact or socialise with the boys no more
Jakson Tomicic , you coming out tonight?
Na sorry mate I’m with my girl
by November 26, 2021
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This thicccccc individual is literally the definition of the big gei . Occasionally plays with his extremely obese friend and his skinny friend.
God Jakson Branham is actually being a Jakson Branham.
by Masagyro Sukurmum April 9, 2019
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