Caring, Scrumptious, Extremely thoughtful, Eyes you could look into forever, Huge hearted, Selfless, Sexy, Beautiful person inside and out, Most wonderful person to come in contact with.
Jakob are you a Jakobatron?

Man that Jakob is so sniggley!

Jakob is scrumptious!
by Miss PB&J February 17, 2011
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Jakob's are rare and rather disginguished group from the Jacob's. Often mixed up, these two are completely different. Because of their name you know they come from an artistic or at the very least different family.

Jakob's are usually artistic in some form, usually one of their own or one they don't see often. Not easily motivated and rather lazy. Usually gothic and very popular among the goths.

Their relationship with other social groups may vary, as they tend to judge person by person. They have been knows to dabble from group to group with the noted exception of preps, as they are usually unintelligent. He is a good judge of character and knows who rocks, who sucks, and who sucks the cock.

They absolutely hate the inexcusable unintelligence of people. If they are stupid in a form that is not accepted and something they should be knowledgeable of at such an age, such as common sence or not understanding of the simplist of subjects. They themselves tend to think ahead often too much. Surprisingly average at chess.

Jakob's appearences vary quite a bit, and tend to attract one type of person constantly. This type of person changes with each Jakob of course. They tend to be sauve when they try to be, until meeting someone that they wish to date, as opposed to someone wanting to date them. Mutual feelings bring them back in their "comfort zone".
Differences of Jacob and Jakob
Jacob: That weird kid in the corner who doesn't talk much.
Jakob: The cool kid in the dark corner who talks only when necesarry.
by Jayke_Obe September 10, 2008
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Jakob is the type of person that you can talk with for hours at a time. He will respect, love, and cherish you as well as take care of you.

Unfortunately, he is very lazy and others may find it hard to motivate him - even though he is incredibly intelligent.
Student 1: I've been studying for weeks for this test, I do not know how it is possible that I failed.

Student 2: Yes, I know! I myself barely just passed.

Student 3: Did you see what Jakob got?

Student 2: No, tell me.

Student 3: He supposedly got 85 %.

Student 1: I heard about that as well, plus he only studied for 3 days!
by AmeliaRoads June 21, 2017
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A self-proclaimed "Greatest Man That Ever Lived". While self-proclaimed, a Jakob will have done much to prove it to the world, such as pimping on every woman on the planet, being selected to breed with two ladies (in a church youth group no less), and surviving being molested by an army of 12-13 year old girls going through puberty.

One cannot be described as a Jakob without first paddling more than 10 miles on an elliptical, hitting the floor and doing 10,000 crunches, turning over and doing 333 push-ups, and then taking a girl and performing The Jakob Effect (Full Nelson into a Side Effect) on her through three burning tables and onto an elliptical below her, but not before giving her a Cross Bomb from atop a nearby Stairmaster.

A Jakob is not a gentleman; HE WILL cum in your mouth.
"I am Jakob, hear me roar!"
by ZB3000 January 13, 2010
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He is a guy that will play with you even if u don't want to but you secretly like it and can warm your heart with his funny jokes. He is really funny and great.
"Holy Crap!"
" that joke was really funny"
"Oh really who said it"?

"Oh it was Jakob"
by Fanny0900 February 05, 2017
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someone who always brings pizza to his friends' houses no matter if it's storming outside
A: ugh I'm soo hungry.
Jakob: I got you. Be there in 5 minutes with pizza for you.
by mrwssmnd January 03, 2017
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