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Jakiah is a loving, caring person. She’s the prettiest girl you’ll ever see. She has a pretty smile that knocks all the boys off there feet she has a big butt and all the girls hate on her all the boys want her. She can dance. She really cares about how she looks and what she has on. She is a loyal and great girlfriend.
Omg look at that Jakiah
That’s Jakiah she’s so pretty
by Anti~Social May 23, 2018
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A beautiful young lady that shows out ! Love sports and makes everyone happy ! She is a girl that everybody wants to be like .
Jakiah is soo cute, get you a girl like her !
by Jejdhdhs January 13, 2018
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Jakiah is a very sweet guy with an amazing sense of humor and multi-talented at everything he trys. He's handsome and absolutely person even though he will not admit to it or acknowledge it. Jakiah often goes by the name "Jake". He also is very sexy and always knows how to make a girl laugh. Find yourself a Jakiah FAST before anyone else does...I did <3
"Look at that perfect guy over there....he must be pulling a Jakiah"
by Channebell June 19, 2013
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