Some cool kid in khakis. He is also on twitter. Waterbugs.
Guy: ...You'd do that for me? Really!
Wife: Who is that.
Guy: Jake from state farm.
Guy: *Sounds like a really good deal*.
Wife: Jake from state-farm in 3 in the morning, WHO IS THIS
Guy: It's Jake from state-farm.
Wife: What are you wearing "Jake from state farm"
Jake: Ugh... Khakis
Wife: She sounds hideous
Guy: Well she's a guy so...
by Waterbugs November 20, 2013
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An embarassment to Jakes everywhere, but awesome to everyone else.
Person 1: What's your name?
Jake: Jake
Person 1: Oh, like Jake from State Farm?
Jake: No, fuck you.
by you've got werms March 10, 2016
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what you call a friend when your wife/girlfriend gets jealous and wonders who you have been hanging out with until 3 in the morning.
Who were you with all night? Jake from State Farm
by Cadet 7755 September 2, 2014
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What you say when someone asks "Who are you?"
Person 1: I think you have the wrong number, who is this?

Person 2: Jake from State Farm.
by Chrome5747 November 18, 2013
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A medium sized man who lives in an apartment building. Works at State Farm (Obviously). Shift tends to be in the middle of the night (So wives can catch their husbands on the phone in the middle of the night and think they're cheating). Favorite clothes are a red top and khakis.
I caught my husband talking to Jake From State Farm in the middle of the night.
by Hydiin November 13, 2014
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Jack from State farm is a chill dude who helps people with there insurance plans, but on the side he is an amazing dude who wares khaki pants and saves the world from Dave's.
by Badlegoman101 September 25, 2017
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