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Jait, a composition of two words Jail and Bait.
A male or female, who by state law is underage, but doesn't look like it.
>I'd tap that ass
>>Dude, she's a jait
by Muvahaha November 29, 2010
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(noun) abbreviation of jail bait, in other words, an underage individual legally considered not yet an adult in his or her local jurisdiction.
He was roleplaying with this gal who swore she was 21 and totally legal but when they switched on the webcams, it turned out the gal was jait. He erased the logs and browser history in a cold panic lest the party van come for him.
by coyotama November 28, 2010
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South Texas Coastal Sarcasim. A way to say something is not going to happen.
Damian: Luke will be here in 15 minutes.
Selena: Oh right, "JAIT", like that's really going to happen. He's under 5 lapdancers in the VIP.
by Luke Barrow January 07, 2008
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