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Jaice is a girls name. A beautiful nerd. She is one of a kind, doesn't like to flow with traffic, would rather design her own path. Jaice usually has a twisted sense of humor, is loyal to her friends and is very intelligent.
Jaice is such a nerd but damn.. that ass!
by ladycynic December 30, 2014
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A name for a guy. Is attracted to everyone because he sees the beauty within them. Enjoys wearing pinstriped pajama pants. Typically, a Jaice can dance.
Woah, that kid is kickin'!
That's cause he's a Jaice.
by I put on my robe and wizardhat October 25, 2010
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Jaice is very beautiful and someone everyone wants to be friends with. She gets love from everyone and people love her company... especially older kids. She's very pristine and very adorable. Jaice is also HELLA thick and her oufits are super cute.
Jaice is actually so nice and her outfit was so cute. But DAMNN her ass!!
by ur kute April 10, 2019
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Plays basketball, also a gamer. Likes to binge movies and shows. Has a nice personality. Usually chokes in basketball. And a warriors fab
Omg, he is such a choker in basketball

Thats because he is a Jaice
by Anonymousperson124 December 31, 2017
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