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The most intellectual individual you will ever meet and may I add BEAUTIFUL inside & out. Smart, sexy, sophisticated, STELLAR and hella out of this world. Her mind is beyond the stars. She can out think you at any given moment. Some people think she's crazy, dangerous, powerful and straight up WEIRD. But she's just a JAHNAVI. The most gorgeous thing that has ever lived... The best friend to go to if you need help and most importantly, the most sweetest, beautiful and hot girlfriend. Jahnavi can keep any relationship strong. Her confidence just never runs out and her generosity cannot be explained. Jahnavi is a masterpiece created by god to bring beauty into this world. She will give you endless love and will never let you down. Through thin and thick, through rough and tough... she will always be there for you. If you know a Jahnavi, if you are friends with a Jahnavi... consider yourself lucky to have someone that will care for you, and someone that will always be there for you.
She is gorgeous like a JAHNAVI
by Sabrina'sLover May 11, 2015
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