A chronic masturbator. Used more in America while wanker is used more in Europe
See also: wanker
Get to bed, you jag-off.
by adam is so great November 8, 2003
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when a male masturbates or play with themselves.
eh i going home for jag off and then i'll be back right after.
by soupeeh March 12, 2011
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when you let something good go to waste
(money, pussy)
1. I jagged 100 dollars off on the
casino boat.
2. I jagged a free hair cut waiting
on you.
by octavia April 30, 2003
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When two people driving in front of you are going the same speed and the jag off in the fast lane won't move over.(in Pittsburgh)
I would of been on time but I got stuck in a jag off race.
by Tomaykoplumbing May 10, 2016
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