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A Jagaan is a mysterious creature that dwells in the depths of annoyance. He is an enormous being with an enormous weight. It is told that if you stare at it, you will crumble into a pile of dust. The Jagaan is responsible for the death of dinosaurs (because they saw him), he's reponsible for the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, WW2, (because HE was the bomb), and the creation of the worst video game ever - Teletubies Adventure!!! He also has a giant head and limbs.
Run! It's Jaga- AAAAAHHHH!!!! AAAAAAAAHHH!!!!! <victim is crushed under the enormous weight of Jagaan's stomach>
by yoyoits gigatan! August 18, 2016
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A gay, fat, indian, terroist, stupid, curry maker who rapes dogs!
Jagaan is raping the dog again.
by Too black for crack March 16, 2017
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