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A different kind of guy; not the kind of guy that girls are used to. He's kind, intelligent, articulate, handsome, and thoughtful. The type of guy that does everything - from treasuring old books to playing sports and dancing like a pro! No matter what he does, Jaelen will surprise you. He tends to underestimate himself, but everyone else can see what he's really worth. He's a protector and makes you feel at home when his arms are around you.
Erica: "I wish my boyfriend treated me right."
Jackie: "You need a Jaelen."


Mike: "I wish I could dance."
Rob: "You would be a total Jaelen!"
by CocainaCool January 24, 2012
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a guy who is super sweet and caring. he is a very handsome young man with soft hands,nice smile, gorgeous eyes, and super tall.also he is so easy to talk to... in general he is just an amazing guy.
that guy seems perfect...he is such a jaelen
by nfdsjgrehgreugihwqiorgehgejd November 08, 2010
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The most highly recognized poster at the GameFAQs boards "Another Place". Frequently pwns the entire board on a daily basis, most of the time it is Tippi Tai and Deadpool being pwned though. Jaelen is certainly the king of the APes.
Jaelen is so fucking awesome!
by Anonymous mofo June 10, 2003
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Someone who thinks they are bad ass.
One who announces things like "I went bowling with a cute girl yesterday" or "I cant talk right now I have to go lift weights" in an attempt to look cool.
One who claims to have "owned" everyone.
the setting: your house

JAELEN: *walks up to front door and rings doorbell* "hey dont come to my house because I wont be home. Im going to go to the mall with a girl."
YOU: Why the hell are you telling me this?........ who the hell are you?"
JAELEN: "See ya"
by dudebro August 06, 2003
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some fag from gamefaqs that has the intelligence of a 12 year old retarded stepchild from the wrong side of the tracks. frequently makes an ass of himself, only to later masturbate to pictures of gamefaqs moderator Sailor Bacon and the former site owner, CJayC.
Jaelen is a tard. nuff said.
by X Box Killer September 23, 2004
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One who is much hated in the whole world
Jaelen is so jaelened at PotD
by ICDedPepo July 19, 2003
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Doing or saying something stupid that contradicts what you said previously
"So, you're saying lesbians aren't gay? Jeez, that's kinda jaelen"
by Jay Jay May 26, 2003
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