The prettiest girl in the world

Jaeda is extremely smart but don’t cross her because her mean side will come out

She’s tall and has a huge heart

All boys are attracted to Jaeda but not all could get through with her

Don’t underestimate a Jaeda as she is extremely cunning

If you don’t like Jaeda, you’re missing out!
Faith- “Jaeda is so beautiful I can’t even believe it

Cameron- “ Jaeda stole Luke from me!”
by Jsierrat February 18, 2018
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Jaeda is a semi-popular girl. Shes really cute, thick, hot and a bad ass bitch. Don't cross paths with her because her mean side will come out. She is short and has a loving but broken heart. Alot of the boys are attracted by her Shes always loves to hangout with her friends but when shes alone her personality take a whole 180 turn. Shes is self conscious. She is happy and cheerful on the outside but a broken mess on the inside. If you look hard enough you'll see in her eyes, and the fake smile she trys to pull off. A Jaeda may seem like a happy person but falling apart on the inside. She has kind of a darker humor. As night falls shes upstairs playing video games or either doing some work. Shes intelligently smart.
Person1: how was she happy one minute but quiet and depressed the next?
Person2: I dont know, but that's definitely a Jaeda
by J.L.Shrewsberry October 28, 2019
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The bestest friend in the world. Smart, pretty, and nice even though she denies it! Is a Stranger Things addict and your'e fav person in the world.
Jaeda is the best!! :) <3
by Winnie De Pooh October 17, 2018
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Incredibly beautiful, Jaeda's are cunningly smart and clever. Jaeda's despite their diva-like disposition, have a huge heart and would give you the shirt off her back. But be careful not to cross her, when provoked she may not be held accountable for any damages...
Girl: Don't make me....

Boy: You'd better watch yourself, don't you know she's a Jaeda?
by blueyedbella February 02, 2010
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Arabic Meaning: The name Jaeda is an Arabic baby name. In Arabic the meaning of the name Jaeda is: Goodness.
Arabic person: Oh my Jaeda it’s a blessing that there’s no more shooting
by Jaeda name meaning February 07, 2018
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“Omg are Yous are a jaeda
“What’s a jaeda”

Jaeda = drink dawgs
“Damn that’s a good as word”
by Lagiprichad123 April 02, 2020
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Literally the most breathtaking kind girl I've ever met in my lifetime. She's the girl who laughs at your cringy jokes and replies with worse jokes. She's lovely and one of the kindest people ever. Do not ever take her for granted though. She's the type of girl who'll love you to your very last flaw and mistake, but once she's done with you, she's done. She knows what she's worth. She doesn't look down on others and has the kindest, sweetest, and most powerful soul ever. It really sticks to you. She's the type of person that doesn't back down from a challenge no matter how scared she is. She's woman empowerer literally so strong-willed and thoughtful. Before you know it, you'll be loving her with every breath you take in and every time she smiles at you in the eye. You'll be missing and regretting. Jaeda Johnson is the most amazing person ever.
I love you, Jaeda Johnson. You don't know that I do, but I do. I swear to god that I do.

by yukeyook February 01, 2020
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