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Jacobe is handsome and athletic. He is most comfortable around his friends. He has no problem talking to girls but in a relationship may try to start off slow. He is a caring sweet person. Don't mess around when it comes to sports.
Random person: Hey Jacobe wanna hang out later.

Jacobe: Sure give me a time place and date
by Prettyplaygirl May 19, 2018
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Jacobe is a furry. This kind hearted individual will find they're way into your heart right at the moment you meet them. His knowledge of culinary arts is known to be at the level of finest in the tri-city area, and will usually consist of microwavable ramen in a cup. Jacobe will cherish your hot dog buns and keep them safe and cozy in his fridge at home. He is one for indie games and musicals.
Jacobe can make hella fine ramen.
by Gaymachine2400 July 09, 2016
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A friend that will always have your back even though he's a cunt at times. He's very unforgettable and will be the best to talk to your problems about. Love to call his friends a bitch.
Jacobe: Hey you
Person: What
Jacobe:You're a bitch
Person:Fuck you Jacobe
by Lick my benis November 19, 2018
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A very joking person and has a lot of sayings. The kind of person that once you get to know you can’t unknown him. He will joke around with things that should not be joked around with but you still think it’s funny. Over all the kind of friend that doesn’t want to be friends with you, but they’re still your friend.
Rando: your a good friend
Jacobe: thanks wish you weren’t tho.
Rando: what
Jacobe: what, who said that?
by Fifipug November 15, 2018
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