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Basically means, when a Male of any sort is jerking his penis off. Because it makes him feel really good. Literally using a hand of choice, sticking it down his pants to there penis. Grabbing the penis and moving it Up and down so he can give the good stuff to his fellow women. If he cannot do this, then he is considered a "Tardmuffin". "Jacking meat"Can also be called " Jack(ing) some meat" "Jack(ed) his meat" etc.
Example: 1

- "Hey what are you gonna do when you get to your grandma's house?"
- "Oh I'm totally Jacking meat over there"

Example: 2

- What are you gonna do jessica, when you get to his house?

- OH I'm gonna jack his meat. Alot :)
by Letsdoitnowinbedplease June 15, 2010
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