Jack Daniels mixed with Coca-Cola. The official "I'm trying to get smashed" drink of people everywhere.
Adam is on his 4th Jack and Coke. He must have had one rough week.
by SpeedCake March 20, 2010
The combination of Jack Daniels and Coka Cola. A combination of two liquids well known to fuck you up or intoxicate to an extent of memory loss.
Mike: Dat foo whas talkin dat bushitt, wha we finna do?

J-Nelly: Ima Jack and Coke dat nigguh!
by Jack and Cokin it.com March 3, 2010
A way to ruin two perfect beverages at once.
Genetically incapable of appreciating the simple perfection of either Coca-Cola or Jack Daniels Whiskey, Jim-Jim ruined both by making a nasty Jack and Coke...
by Robanero December 16, 2011
what pussys drink when they can't handle straight Jack Daniels
jack and coke drinker: omg how can you stand to drink straight Jack

Straight jack drinker: well, the first shot burns, the second shot tastes sweet, and the rest...go down like water
by JD Mc May 21, 2006
When a child is sick, usually with a cold, and has to take a dose of NyQuil follows by a drink of choice to counteract the taste
“I had to give Jax a Child friendly Jack and Coke because of a summer cold they have”
by Magickmixez June 12, 2021
When you get a handjob from two hookers while doing cocaine
Bill's wife was about to go down on him, but he said, "nah, I'd rather have a double jack n coke instead."
by Open Thy Garage Porn October 4, 2014