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The opposite of shy, A girl that will make you take a 2nd look. Most beautiful person to walk the earth she has the whole package. She is incredibly smart more then you would expect, as she gets older she will make tons of money. She has a nice ass and amazing boobs and will get even better as she gets older. She is the most incredible kisser out there. Shes very picky if you get with her your one hell of a lucky guy, shes one in a million. She is unique and she will give you the most fun time of your life. She is usually short. But good things come in small packages. She will grow up to become famous. She will most likely become a model&famous. Anyone out there would die to have a Jacci. She give the best advice and is the most accepting person out there. She is so sweet. It doesn't get better then that.
by Justtin Beeibber. February 01, 2010
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A delightfully insightful, clever and talented individual. Definitley not mean as the defintion of the formal version, Jaclyn, might suggest, although has been known to have occassional violent nail scratching outbursts. (on the rare occassion of COURSE). Also known as the RED side of the rubiks cube, opposite to Orange and somewhat close to yellow. Excels in English and for-tay is spelling and grammer. Also a bit of a smart-ass =
Person: I love her
Other person: Must be a Jacci.

"There's that temporary emo self harming glitter obsessed supposed paedophile rubiks cube freak group."
by Jupiter Morrish April 11, 2008
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cheap, 25 cent whore. Usually uni-browed. Desperately needs a waxin', perhaps even a whackin'.
oh em gee, she doesn't support our cause in freeing Willzyx.!!! She must be a Jacci.
by Jonathan Hsu May 01, 2008
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