The masked dance group who holds many dance titles including America's Best Dance Crew. Their styles include breaking, popping, locking, liquid-rave-funk, hip hop, house, freestyle, and loose wrist styles. They are part of a dance crew alliance called Family Royal which consists of JabbaWockeez (first generation) then branching off to Boogie Monstarz, Super Galactic Beat Manipulators, and Pree P.L.A.Y.

Sadly, the JabbaWockeeZ lost an influential member to their crew. Gary Ray Kendell passed away December 14, 2007, in Denver, Colorado. He lost his fight to pneumonia and meningitis, but lived a full and expressive life as a dancer, teacher, director, producer, and entertainer.

Behind the masks are 11 talented dancers:

Ben Chung AKA "B-Tek"
Age 26
Mission Hills, CA

Chris Gatdula
Age 26
Las Vegas, NV

Kevin Brewer
Age 31
Sacramento, CA

Rynan Shawn Paguio
Age 26
San Diego, CA

Jeff Nguyen Aka "Phi"
Age 26
Phoenix, AZ

Phil Tayag aka "Swagger Boy"
Age 23
Sacramento, CA

Eddie "Styles" Guitierrez aka "Eddiestyles"
Age Unknown
San Diego, CA

Saso "Saso Fresh" Jimenez aka "bboy king saso"
Age 24
San Diego, CA

Randy Bernal
Age Unknown
San Jose, CA

Joe Larot aka "Emajoenation"
Age 28
Sacramento, CA

Gary Kendell aka "Gee One" aka "The Truth"(Rest in peace)
Seaside, CA
"I'm going to go see the JabbaWockeeZ perform!"
"Buy me a jabbawockeez tee shirt!"
by j dubbz 07 March 28, 2008
the overall winning legendary dance crew on randy jackson presents: americas best dance crew, on every thurs day at 10:00.they face crews of 12 which whoever wins gets 100,000 dollars. facing them, kaba modern,iconic,breaksk8,status quo,fem 5, fysh & chicks,and 5 other crews who are not important because they got voted off immediately:) go JABBAWOCKEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Hey man, did you see the Jabbawockeez whoop the other dance crews last night?"
by brad d shiznit February 26, 2008
1-The famous dancers of Randy Jackson presents America's Best Dance Crew season 1, who dance with white masks and white gloves 2-another word for BEST DANCE CREW EVER

The crew is composed of seven talented dancers.They worked with Daddy Yankee,Fergie(BEP),David Guetta,Leona Lewis,Nelly Furtado,Shaquille O'neal,The Pussycat Dolls,Super Crew...
They began their show called müs.I.c ,in Vegas, on may 7,2010.
They appeared in many different shows in different countries (America,australia,Phillipines...) such as Ellen Degeneres Show,Regis and Kelly,America's Got Talent,NBA All star Game 2008,MTV crib's and more...
-have you seen the JABBAWOCKEEZ on "George Lopez show" yesterday?
-yeah, it was dope !!!!

Sparks(choreographer and judge in America's Best Dance Crew):"JABBAWOCKEEZ..... you are the settle standers.... for the next ten season (of ABDC) ,if the crew that are watching this show do not come at that level they need to stay home..."
jabbawockeez: "thank you,thank you!!!"
by jabbafan January 2, 2011