very unique name. It describes a girl who is smart, funny, and beautiful. Basically, the whole package.
Damnnnnn JaMae looking fine
damb you dating JaMae good for you
by Robloxgirl253 May 30, 2018
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You got to meet a Jama to love her. Even though she farts when she laughs, she is still a very sexy chick! She gets crushes on all the hot guys, and they usually think she is the best chick around! Pretty doesn't cover it, she is hot gorgeous and has the best heart of anyone her age. When she likes you, your heart melts! A Jama's brothers think she is mouthy, but no one else seems to see that fault in her. A Jama does not like to exercise, but she can sure shake her luscious booty! A Jama can get crabby, but she can also be one of the funniest people in the world. A Jama has really stylish clothes, and the way she wears them is always sexy! She doesn't need makeup to sparkle. Don't pass up a chance to meet with a Jama, she will make your life wonderful and fun!
Did you see that girl? She is so cute, she is such a Jama!
by Marykate Veras March 25, 2013
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The best kind of guy you will meet,handsome ,sexy tall kind and a little shy but makes you feel very comfortable,best guy to keep as a friend and boyfriend never loose a JAMA
He is Jama

There is jama

Its jama
by Melvinmini February 25, 2020
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Costa Rican slang for food. It is also used as a verb (i.e. to eat).
Noun: ¿Dónde está mi jama?
Verb: Voy a ir a jamar.
by ticopuravida July 23, 2009
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