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Short for Jizz Sock Boy. An admitted/caught masturbater. Known to jizz in socks, in turn creating and having stiff/crusty socks.
1: Who's sock is this, and why is it so hard?
2: Don't touch it, it's JSB's.
by ObiwankenObiwan May 18, 2016
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Just Straight Bangin'- In other words pimpin'
Man A- How was your date with Shanikwa?
Man B- Dewd, I JSB'd her
by J-Biggy May 22, 2007
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A "retired" DDR player. Was considered to be the best player in the US (or World) for the majority of his "career". Started playing when the game became popular, and started winning tournaments around 2002. After winning a few multi-thousand dollar prizes his appearances became less and less frequent and less and less stellar. Never seemed enthusiastic about the scene and frequently stated he was interested only in the money. While he never made any "official" retirement statement his reason for quiting was likely disinterest, since he still allegedly was able to achieve record-breaking scores on similar games such as ITG months after his last tournament win.
The final round of CyberBeatNation was between JSB and Eugene.
by dj wysiwyg August 14, 2005
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1)A player who gives a shit less about DDR. Yes, he's good, but doesn't care.

2) someone who just made bank by selling a DDR machine the won in Arizona.

3) Someone who AAA'ed every song in DDR. But like #1 says, he doesn't care.
OMG!!! lololololol!!!1111 it's teh jsb!!!1111
by DMN May 19, 2004
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Probably North America's best known Dance Dance Revolution player. Also known for his excellent trolling skills, and making idiot people react. He may come to people as an asshole, but those people should look further than what meets the eye.

He once said that he doesn't care about DDR, but nobody can be sure of that statement, for he most likely said such a thing to provoke reactions from that very community that either kiss his ass or insult him, depending on the mood of the members of those communities.
If you kiddies would look past this mask of arrogance he purposely puts on (but then again, it would be a lot to ask out of either DDR Communities, or UrbanDictionary kiddies for that matter), you'd see nothing but a normal human being who simply doesn't want shit to do with fanboys.

But then again, maybe it is too much for you kiddies to ask...
by LegendOfMart June 17, 2004
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Just straight bangin'

or To Just Straight Bang

Pertaining to Women, and the process of Pimping.
I'm gonna JSB that chick.

I didn't love her I was JSB.
by Dr. Jay M December 21, 2006
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Short for Joint Smoking Bob. Alternative way of smoking that is becoming increasingly popular in the NYC region. Instead of simply using a water bong or joint paper, the user combines the two and makes a water bong that smokes joints. The bong is typically decorated in various ways that work to imply that the joint itself is high AND smoking the joint with you. Great accessory for those without friends.
Whoa you smoking with that JSB? Now you won't ever be lonely!
by Kwon and Johnson Inc December 28, 2011
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