a term for a cringy rapper guy
Look at JMS what is he doing.
by JMS FANPAGE April 16, 2021
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JMS is used mainly on the internet, and is simply an abbreviation for 'Just Making Sure'.
Noob1: Hey, make me a sammich.

Noob2: Did you say you wanted me to make you a sammich?

Noob1: Yeah.

Noob2: Alright, JMS.
by DoraTheRapist August 11, 2010
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Stands for Jinger Man Syndrome. When a ginger haired people think that they are special due to the fact that they are ginger. Most people with JMS also are upcoming rappers. It can also more generally be used to describe trash .
Joe: This food is terrible.
John: I know it's just like JMS.
by JMS FANPAGE June 26, 2021
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Jack My Swag. Made popular by Jenna Rose in her song "My Jeans".
Hahahaha, JMS.
by Trazzle April 29, 2011
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oak park nigga!

you roll wit da JMS?

hell yeah!

down wit da clown 4 life!
by lette4life[OP] March 28, 2008
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JACKING MY STEEZ, and exclamation used when niggaz be on ur threads
by I am the boss December 22, 2009
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