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A plce where minors who break the law are sent, almost like jail for kids
Jason: "dude did you hear alex went to JDC"
Taylor: "no way man what did he do?"
Random Kid In The Hall: "he punched a baby"
by yelsom8 March 13, 2008
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A cult of raging douchebags populating the business programs of Canadian universities. Usually found vandalizing their campus or passed out on benches at 3am in their signature matching jackets, students in JDC form packs and dawdle around campus giving handjobs to the business faculty to get endorsements for their club. The entrance requirements for JDC are as follows-
To join their club, a potential member must:
1. Be a douchebag
2. Have an affinity for snapbacks and cheap liquor
3. Have a GPA less than 2
4. Be a functioning alcoholic
5. Be able to give rimjobs to raise money
6. Have had the clap at least 4 times
7. Be prepared to be unemployed when they graduate
Student 1:"Last night some drunk UNBC douchebags in green jackets stole my 40 of Wisers and took a shit in the res mail room"
Student 2:"Sounds like JDC was at it again"
by NumbaTwennyFoe September 27, 2014
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