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Jew By Association; Jewish By Association
"Dude, that guy's not even a suspect in the defemation of that Moses statue, he's a JBA."
by Dan Sharfin November 21, 2005
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Jacked by anonymous, A group of professional xbox live hackers/ddosers that cant be stoped
Guy 1-" Hey look its Persuading and Envyable!"
Guy 2-"From JBA?"
Guy 1-"Yeah dude they run that garbage clan called 'is Pro'!"
Guy 2-"Lets get outta here, im scared man!"
by Persuading June 06, 2010
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JBA (Jew By Actions) is a Xbox Live clan that is well i would say in the minority of xbl they talk allot of S#iT But Can They Back It Up Unfortunetly It Has Not Been Proven Yet...

Leader Of Failure Clan- Persuading

Rapping DiS Up JBA-Complete Randoms

In Conclusion If you like to play Castle Crashers And Uno Join JBA Today!
JBA will never end it will live long forever. Until people leave cause they realize JBA Bl0Wz of course :)
by BlackMail? June 08, 2010
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