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Anyone or anything with this name is of Godlike stature.

Usually a name given to only the most awesome of people
by Drumdude October 22, 2014
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The sexiest guy around. He has the biggest dick of them all. He has tons of friends and will be always sucessful. He has a heart though and always the best gf
that guys awesome he must be jax!
by dragon78 October 29, 2012
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The hottest guy around. So handsome and bad ass but with a heart of gold. Often seen on a motorcycle, getting sh*t done and protecting his girl.

Strong sense of loyalty and morals, will do anything for his family.
He will always protect me, that's why we call him Jax.
by Samcro February 07, 2012
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An attractive, rebellious guy. He's basically viewed as the bad boy stereotype, but, he's actually very curious, quirky, and funny. He has black hair, which is usually styled in a quiff, light tan skin, and dark brown or raven eyes. He's tall. (6'0"-6'5" ft.) Sometimes has a bad or abusive relationship with a family member.
"Sorry,I didn't see you," he said.

I looked up.

He towered over my small figure.

I had seen him around school. He was 2 years older than me.
"My name's Jax. You are..."
"Andy. My names Andy."
He stooped down to pick up my book.
"See you around, Andy."
by timecrunchqueen January 01, 2015
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i have that name so i will describe myself... The best at most things and is never scared of a challenge, he is tall and gets all the girls numbers but is very sweet on the inside and has very good intentions will smile and make all jaws drop.
wow did he just do that he is a total "Jax"
via giphy
by itsseyahbooiiiiii May 28, 2017
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A girl with extremely large talent and very athletic. She usually has good style, but be careful she can shop. Jax is usually fairly nice and has a big heart. Always knows how to have a fun time, no matter what. Most of the time she is tall with very long, hott legs. She also has a nice ass. She is also a crazy sex machine. All the boys will want to get into Jax. She is also very funny.
"Stewart, why cant you be more like a Jax?!"

"Lets go have a jax of a time."

"Did you see that girl?"
"She looked like a Jax.
by butterflygurl1234 April 12, 2009
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Another name for the great city of Jacksonville, FL the only city to be known
You been to Jax lately??
by 904represent June 07, 2005
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