A term used in telling someone who is already mad to get madder. This implies that you're encouraging the angry person to submit to their rage, basically telling them to give up. If the angry person was truly determined about what they were doing or about the situation they won't get mad.
Guy 1 - "Man, I can't get this fucking car to start, DAMN!!"
Guy 2 - "What, you mad? Get mad dude"
Guy 1 - "nah, I got this" (<--implies only to people who r man enough to not get mad)
by Jzoner81 July 13, 2011
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To make a situation from bad to worse in three words.
(1) If a friends is getting upset with something they're doing, say "nigga get mad". (2) If a racist is talking bad about you and you want it to escalate to the next level say "nigga get mad".
by Del'von April 24, 2008
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This is term most commonly used as a statement urging someone to get revenge. It is often used when one is feeling especially vengeful for this certain wrong.
Gandalf: Gimli just broke into my house and ate all of my cupcakes, you know, the ones with the little hearts.

Bilbo: Oh?

Gandalf: And he shaved my beard, i'm really mad.

Bilbo: Don't get mad, get even.
by SpandexMaster January 11, 2014
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a saying that someone says to another when that person has been wronged.

it dosen't make sense because the only reason someone would want to get even is BECAUSE they are mad/upset.
person 1: "OMFG! my teacher gave me detention for something i didn't even do!"

person 2: "don't get mad, get even."
by BP91 December 7, 2009
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1. a way of life

2. something to shout at passerbys
3. response to a sore loser
1. "you know man, don't get mad, get buckets"

2. *sees basketball player on the street* "DON'T GET MAD GET BUCKETS"
3. Steven and John are playing a friendly game of foosball and upon losing the game John throws a fit. Steven: Don't get mad, get buckets

#buckets #cookies
by walker4three January 12, 2017
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