who wears a mask with a dollar bill glued tohis mouth and bloddy tears. J-dog is a memeber of hollywood undead.
J-dog says:What, Say what the fuck, Six shooters up, now what the fuck …. point them up. Who's down to ride, who's down to ride, Undead pop shots we're down to die.Who's down to die who's down to die, Undead pop shots, we're bound to ride. Black hat side ways white bold LA, flat on your back leave you smoked like an ashtray. Wig split face ripped, nod if you're listenin' shot to the cross Leave you dead like a Christian. Pop Pop, your heart just stops stops, when I just cock cock, my gun cause I shoot for fun that's how the west was won. I sell an ounce and then I sell two more, then I come to collect with the pistol 44. There's some truth to that, About the weed or the gat, you may never know, just leave it at ...
by sara nejat December 28, 2007
a name for someone who's 1st initial is a "j"
by mami 2 da fullest May 3, 2004
J dog away refer to your special friend mostly your young blood drug dealer you can use any letter except l or g
yo j dog u got the twinkle powder i want to feal the tuch of my dead fary prince lets one to lets snef aroo.
"NO i got the money i will pay Come j dog you don't need to bring in f Dog in to this
by the smert October 15, 2019
Big epic, super strong and shagged so many birds that the global gene pool will never be the same.
Friend 1: J-Dog is so epic.
Friend 2: I know right, if we listed everything it would look like a dark souls item description.
by Epikkun December 29, 2020
isabelles friend James who’s ovsessed with Isabelle, also looks like Russell from up. Cutest human ever❤️Get yourself a j-dog
Isabelle: “ hi this is my friend j-dog” James: “hi nice to meet you I’m your guardian angel, pick your favourite balloon colour”
by Isabelle xoxo April 14, 2020
J dog is a name given to the most pimp people with names that start with “J”
If you are ever lucky enough to meet one, you’ll know that they are packin... huge cock and balls... a real punisher. Unfortunately it is just too big which makes girls avoid the parylized life which is guaranteed after sleeping with him.
Person 1: Yo when was tht tower built
Person 2: That’s just J Dog’s dick bro
by Lil Lank February 19, 2021