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J-10 or Jian-10,
A newly produced air fighter by China--the most upgraded version of Chinese J-series. it got a appearance of combination of Su-27 and F-15, and the semilar(or maybe better)ability as them.

Many believed it is just a claiming by the official, because many chinese has saw them in expermental testing flying like 15 or more years ago, So it can only be considered as the late 3rd generation air fighter in the world. Many says the real new budy of J-series is J-11 and has already been completed, however Chinese government won't publish it until they can really equip them in major airforce.
Now Chinese Air Force has already been equipped with the new generation of Jian-10 fighter, independently designed by China. The fighter is capable of launching "precision attacks" while hedgehopping and making long-distance assaults at altitude above 10,000 metres.
- J-10 is old time stuff, like F-15 Eagle
- I heard that some mid asian countries are going to order some J-10 jets, so it must be much more cheaper than those Rusian jets, right?
by A.Gleitta February 15, 2007
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