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A big city in south-west China with about 4000 years history. Famous for its beauties ( this probably only in Easten esthetic sense?cause I only heard Chinese and Japanese said so) and food( this one is world widely acknowledged, cause almost all Chinese food you can get in a Chinese resturant in the world is either Sichuan food or Guangdong food, and Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province). So the city has an other name as Kingdom of Heaven( we use "kingdom" is because the city used to be the capital of several ancient China kingdoms)
Yes, beauty and good food--sound like heaven to a man, right?
Well this remained a lots of arguement because you might not accept the taste of both asian beauty and spicy food( Sichuan food is famous for its spicy taste)
But recently, Chengdu is more famous for its IT and entertainment business, and probabaly the largest city in West China. Chengdu is now the second or third largest IT market in China and also a good place which produced certain amount of Chinese celebrities. For example: almost all world class e-sports events have either a Chengdu Stop or a Chendu Division; Many young pop stars or artists are from Chengdu, like the famous China Super Girl, although it gets too much criticised by the society, it made many Chengdu girls celebrity, especially in Year 2005, 7 out of 8 in the Super Girl Final are from Chengdu and they have got even more fans than those pop stars in China.
-Are you going to attend WCG Chengdu?
-Team3D was defeated by Fnatic in CPL Chengdu Stop.
-I like Chengdu food, especially the famous hot-pot.
by A.Gleitta February 14, 2007

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J-10 or Jian-10,
A newly produced air fighter by China--the most upgraded version of Chinese J-series. it got a appearance of combination of Su-27 and F-15, and the semilar(or maybe better)ability as them.

Many believed it is just a claiming by the official, because many chinese has saw them in expermental testing flying like 15 or more years ago, So it can only be considered as the late 3rd generation air fighter in the world. Many says the real new budy of J-series is J-11 and has already been completed, however Chinese government won't publish it until they can really equip them in major airforce.
Now Chinese Air Force has already been equipped with the new generation of Jian-10 fighter, independently designed by China. The fighter is capable of launching "precision attacks" while hedgehopping and making long-distance assaults at altitude above 10,000 metres.
- J-10 is old time stuff, like F-15 Eagle
- I heard that some mid asian countries are going to order some J-10 jets, so it must be much more cheaper than those Rusian jets, right?
by A.Gleitta February 15, 2007

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This world now has only got 2 meanings in China.
1. a kind of creature that do not exist long time ago
2. a kind of creature that still exist now and will always be there--ugly woman( either in face or in figure)
And it seems that the 2nd meaning is much more used in daily life because man talked about women much more than they talked about biology.
And it seems that there are only two kinds of women in China--either godess or dinosaur, it seems that the trend is: if you are not beautiful enough, althogh you may have other stengths, you will probably be called a "dinosaur" as you walk around may scared others in the street!
But do not ever say "dinosaur" in front of a girl's face, or she may be so angry and turn into a real beast and bite you!!
-men always say: a born dinosaur is not your fault, but to show around in the public and scared every one is your fault indeed.

-how's your new coworkers, denny?
-they're a bunch of dinosaurs!
-poor danny, bad luck...
by A.Gleitta February 14, 2007

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a technical saying of a group act in multiple player games (esp. online FPS games like Counter-Strike). It requires certain teamwork skills and can be quite useful when matching with another team.
the ways "boost" do is that 2 or more players work together to send one of them to an upper area in a place where he can hardly reach by one-man power. Such as stand streight on another guy's shoulder can help you jump higher--maybe to the uper storage--then you may show up at an unexpected spot to attack your opponents off guard.
-boost the window, let's go!
-boost me to the 2nd floor!
-watch out, they may boost your back.
by A.Gleitta February 14, 2007

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