Izen is a boy who is smart, loving, caring, and an overall awesome person who will love you forever. Izen will always be there for you and will make you laugh when you are sad or mad. Izen is really funny and usually hangs out with people who are funny. Izen is a very romantic person and a great listener. Izen is the right guy for you if you like someone who is adventurous and funny.
He took you to hawaii he is such an izen
by Yourdude33 February 12, 2018
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This word is pronounce 'Eye-zen' which means that someone is checking you out, or you are checking them out. This is more than just looking at someone it is pretty much starin' at them, like you can't get your eye's off of them.
(1) You see that girl over there, she is 'izen' you man!
(2) Why you be izen at the her/him, she/he ain't all that!
by MichaelC April 8, 2006
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