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Sweeter Over Big Ass.

Isn't it funny when you see woman walking around with their sweeters tied around their ass. Typically it is because they have a Big Ass and they want to hide it. Every once in a while you can change the Big to Beautiful, but those girls always like showing it off that is few and far between.
There went another SOBA.
What is she doing with the SOBA, she needs to find another hot friend.
by MichaelC April 9, 2006
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This word is pronounce 'Eye-zen' which means that someone is checking you out, or you are checking them out. This is more than just looking at someone it is pretty much starin' at them, like you can't get your eye's off of them.
(1) You see that girl over there, she is 'izen' you man!
(2) Why you be izen at the her/him, she/he ain't all that!
by MichaelC April 8, 2006
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C = Coffee
I = Induced
D = Dump
When you have a cup of joe in the morning and right after you drink it you have to then rush over to the bathroom to releave yourself. Typically noticed as Starbucks when there is a huge line to use the bathroom, or in Europe right after you have a wonderful expresso.

If there is any questions, head to the nearest coffee shop or Europe to see what happens. This happens even more frequently if you have a hangover from a big night of drinking.
Damn another C.I.D., I hate/love when that happens.
by MichaelC April 9, 2006
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